About Ben


ALDRTREE exists as an effort to reserve the time-honored values of strong character by salvaging goods from an era defined by those ideals. Out of the uncertainty of the Great Depression and in the wake of two world wars, the
men and women of the mid-1900s would go on to set a standard of which is
still considered the pinnacle of the American Dream.
They paved the way for generations to come through determination, hard work, and an unparalleled selfless dedication to service. This great legacy is essential to preserve in our modern culture and I am dedicated to the revitalization of such an ethos. Together, with unified efforts, we can honor those that came before us and pass down these traditions to future generations.

A Refined Inspiration

I hold the WWII generation in the highest regard and have had the privilege of personally witnessing an example of that generation’s character in my late grandfather. A general contractor by trade, he was highly skilled in woodworking and spent much of his career building homes. Like most children of this time, he was born, with few privileges, into a family of immigrants that got by with little.
Having lost his father at a young age, he started working while still only a child to help contribute to the family. He opted out of his high school graduation by choice, where he was salutatorian, to join the war efforts as a Naval Air Gunner. In his teenage years alone, he experienced more than I will in an entire lifetime. This project is dedicated to my grandfather, Perfecto “Ruben” Tapia Suarez, a man of few words, exceptional patience, and full of wisdom.

Create & Supply

Being that my grandfather was a woodworking craftsman by trade, I grew up surrounded by the artistry and workmanship of construction. Some of my earliest memories are the sounds of skill saws buzzing in the early mornings on weekends and the distinct smell of fresh wood shavings in the air. My garage, as seen above, was often the site of a full-scale workshop, as my grandfather and dad would continuously work on renovations of our house.
As a kid, I always loved watching them work, from demolition to the final nail; from start to finish, I was always fascinated with the hard work throughout the entire process. The patience, attention to detail, strength, and persistence required to properly complete a project is an invaluable lesson that has stuck with me ever since.

Explore & Discover

The virtues of hard work and diligence, while of the utmost importance, also need to be complimented with times of solitude and requiescence. This ideal and concept of reveling in the outdoors became intertwined in our culture as we moved toward the mid-century. Families that were formed out of the WWII era found solace and enjoyment from the great outdoors, a sharp contrast to their experiences of the past.
There is something universal about the joy that comes from escaping our boisterous life and experiencing the simplicity and wonder of nature. Whether it is time out alone used to gather balance and perspective, or an experience with friends and family that creates a unifying bond, the frontier is a place that remains unrivaled.

A Fulfilling Pursuit

My name is Ben Suarez, and I’m the one-man team behind ALDRTREE. I’m a graphic designer currently residing and working in Southern California. My affinity for vintage goods is something I have had since I was young. While I’m naturally attracted to the aesthetic of mid-century goods, it's the strong characteristics and virtues the era embodied and that these goods symbolize, that
I find most appealing.
As I continue to progress as a person and as a designer, my mission is to not forget where you and I came from as a whole--a group of people with a common set of goals and a unified sense of community. Thank you for joining me on the first chapter of this journey, I look forward to having such great people come along for the ride.